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Our primary service is anonymous link management. If you open an account with us, for a monthly fee, we will manage your affiliate links and other links so all your websites can link to an unique URL at is a single place to manage all your affiliate URL’s. For example, if an operator changes the affiliate link you should use, rather than updating that link on all your different websites, just let us know and we update it here at and all your websites will be updated and accurate.

But we take it one step further. We HIDE the source of the traffic – YOUR WEBSITE – and show a generic URL.

For example, if you market one of our partners shown below, let’s say the Ladbrokes Casino, then you are joining many other affiliates that also advertise Ladbrokes Casino. Yet ALL OF YOU will use the same link – –

How is that possible? We map the incoming traffic from the originating website and cross-reference it to your personal affiliate link at the Ladbrokes Casino. In our back end, you would set up your website, which URL you plan on linking to, and then the final affiliate link given to you from the Ladbrokes Casino.

It looks like this –

1) Visitor clicks on link which links to
2) On the fly, we see the traffic coming FROM and GOING TO
3) We redirect YOUR link and send it to your PERSONAL Ladbrokes Casino affiliate link.
4) All of this is set up in our back end system.

In addition, our services are completely anonymous. You do not need to register a name, address, phone number and credit card with us, all we need is an email address.

Our preferred method of payment is LINK JUICE! What does this mean? You add a plain text link on your website to a website of our choosing in exchange for our services. Once every 2 months, you add a link to an approved web page to a destination we provide, and in exchange you may use our services free for 2 months.

Yes, it may get a little complicated, that’s why there are no prices on this website. Everything depends on the volume of the traffic you run through us and the quantitative value of links you can provide to us in exchange (we decide the value of your links).

As an alternative to Link Juice, we may accept Bitcoin or Ethereum but only at a premium (we prefer Link Juice).

To get started, visit our contact page and contact us.

If you are a content provider looking for inbound links, then we can help facilitate that. Let us know your monthly budget and we can include you into our link exchange system.

We provide deep analysis to calculate the true value of all links and offer them to you at an excellent value.

Of course not, all we do is mask traffic. However, IT IS UP TO YOU to follow the laws of your local jurisdiction. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the source of the traffic and the destination of the traffic. To us, it is just one URL sending traffic to another URL. We don’t care what it is.

However, if there is any illegal activity that YOU are participating in, we will fully cooperate with any relevant authorities (but the only information we have is whatever email address you gave us!).

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If you are an operator and would like to join the network, you must show a proven record of treating customers AND marketing partners fairly. Not only will predatory or fraudulent actions prohibit your acceptance, but so will:

  • responses in an untimely manner
  • payment delays or inconsistencies
  • alterations to player or affiliate agreements that are deemed predatory
  • any evidence of skimming or reassigning of funds or accounts or any other fraud

Approved operators and merchants can display our approval badge on their websites informing all traffic that you are a trusted site of

If would like to apply to Safe Sites, please visit our contact form.